Build-in 1910, as a retirement house for the reverend Koos Krige from Caledon, Caledon Villa guesthouse today, with its Cape-Dutch gable is an iconic sight in the historic Neethling Street.

The eighth generation of Krige’s, Johan and his wife Ode, welcome you inside their guesthouse, where the interior and special artworks and collections add a unique dimension to the guest experience.

Edwardian House

Upon staying you will have time to explore the rest of this Edwardian house, where a room full of porcelain dolls tells the story of a visit to Arnstad, south of Erfurt. The “Thüringer Porzellanstraße” route inspired Ode to start this collection. Apart from that, a Lilly Baitz and Ardmore Ceramic Art collection to take your breath away.

The Attic

But it is in the Attic, where you will find the heart and soul of this guesthouse. Looking at a small 1830 chandelier from Birmingham, which survived the Anglo Boer Wars, and telling thus, one of many stories documented and researched by Johan.

Small Gems

For the tired traveler and nature lovers, it will be the small gems you will find hiding around Caledon Villa, that will bring you to rest. Eight different coloured wild sorrel flowers hidden behind old stones, from the family farm Saaifontein in the Karoo, will invite you to linger on the roof deck garden with spectacular views of Stellenbosch midtown centre and mountains.

The Rooms

15 Stylish rooms, each with a unique theme, will take you back in time: e.g. The Oude Libertas room. Indeed, the four-poster bed, made of Burmese teak, comes from the manor house on Oude Libertas; the owner was Gideon Krige (brother of Koos Krige who build Caledon Villa!).

The lovely Victorian style room -Rose- invite you to feel like a princess on board of the Titanic. The finishing touches to the interior; just perfect to follow the stars…

Caledon Villa is an ode to life! It is a place where art, history, music, creativity, and hospitality leaves you with a sense of wonder and a longing to come back again.