Jacques van Straten: Manager @Beyerskloof Wine Bar

Jacques is originally from the “Jacaranda City” ( Pretoria). He said goodbye to the mauve blossomed tree-lined streets in this quiet city in Gauteng and moved to Cape Town.

For the next 15 years, he did production work for photoshoots. He was a production manager for T.V. shows and presenter for a music channel on D.S.T.V He was also an art auctioneer, and this opened the way for him to work on the boats for four years.

While working on the boats, he had the opportunity to see the world. On one such a trip he visited Olympia, a small town in Elis, Greece. In the 8th century B.C to the 4th century A.D the ancient Olympic games were held here.

This place was quite an emotional experience for him because he walked along Oak- and Olive trees and this nostalgic feeling that it reminded him of home.

It is also where this dream started, this longing of opening a bar. A place where people are coming together under the Oak trees to enjoy a special meal and quality wine.

So when the opportunity presented itself to negotiate with Beyerskloof Wine Estate, to bring the wine from the farm into the heart of Stellenbosch, he grabbed the chance, and a dream came true. He opened the doors to the bar in February 2019.

Camping without Pinotage is just sitting around the fire!

To create an atmosphere at the Wine Bar, it was all about creating a not too classic look. One is moved by a sense of the many generations that have lived and worked on the Beyerskloof farm. So today you will sit in this bar and taste and hear the stories of Pinotage wine.

You will feel the atmosphere of the inside of an old wine cellar when you look at the decorative painting technique, faded and distressed, on one part of the wall. The personality of the bar is unique; it figures through the walls, it speaks to you.

This project to create a unique interior, was a combined effort of Jacques and his wife, Elmarie.

An old vine to which lights are attached hangs over the counter of the bar area.

At Beyerskloof Wine Bar, you are not just sitting around. Against one wall you sit next to a lovely lush display of our beautiful green trees. You feel at home, with a glass of good wine in your hand.

Jacques and Elmarie understand that their customers want something more. They want a partnership, with people that care about them and are willing to go the extra mile. He did precisely that when they designed and planned the interior of the bar as well as the way they treated their clients.

Bringing Beyerskloof Wines into the heart of Stellenbosch

When Beyers Truter bought the farm, he became the sixth generation of Beyers to farm this land. Thus part of the atmosphere in the bar, tells the story of this charming family-run farm that rests in the bosom of the Cape Winelands overlooking the Simonsberg mountain. This farm is indeed the ultimate king of Pinotage!

As a student in Stellenbosch, Beyers Truter played rugby for Pieke. His rugby jersey from those early days is today the focal point on one of the walls.
Out of the corner of one’s eye, a picture of a dog named Diesel invites you to have a closer look. Diesel was Beyers Truter’s dog. His best pal, his best friend. Beyerskloof Diesel Pinotage is a wine to take note of; a big structured Pinotage with intense dark fruit flavours. Looking at this picture invites you to taste this wine!

It was a dream to bring the wine of Beyerskloof to the people of Stellenbosch, the students and the tourists visiting us from around the world. There was no better spot than right here in Ryneveld Street. The entrance to the bar, a cosy veranda, inviting you to sit outside on a sunny afternoon.

Personal wine tasting experience @Beyerskloof

To understand the wine better, you need to go and look for the knight with the torn and tattered armour. He is the one who knows how to fight and is sure to be the one who can keep you safe and tells you the real stories! Thus, arriving on Beyerskloof Wine Farm, we asked for Issac and Jacques to share with us the stories of two exceptional wines.

The Field Blend

The Field Blend started 33 years ago as a community project when the children on the farm held and planted the shoots. Isaac, who still works here today was one of these children! Even today, during the harvest season, they first gather to pray before they start pressing.

This full-bodied Bordeau Blend can age for up to 10 years in the bottle. It is 80 % Cabernet and 20 % Merlot, with lovely black fruit and tea leaf flavours.


Jacques told us that the name of this wine was referring to the lifelong friendships formed through thick and thin on the road travelled together on this farm. The author Louis L’Amour wrote: “Trail dust is thicker than blood.” Beyerskloof Traildust, created as an acknowledgement of every person who has been involved in this journey of Pinotage, from the vineyard to the glass, was made.

This Cape Blend is a tribute to the legacy of Pinotage by uniting this unique South African cultivar with its heritage, Pinot Noir ( 23 % ), Pinotage ( 30%) and Cinsault ( 47%)Red fruit and cherries aromas combine well with hints of sweet Oak.

The Pinotage Burger

Upon entering The Red Leaf restaurant on the Beyerskloof Estate, it is time to taste the well-known Pinotage Burger. It is an open-faced hand-ground beef patty topped with an onion relish slowly stewed in the rich plum undertones of the wine and served with hand-cut potato wedges.

The good news is that the customer can also order a smaller version of this tasty burger right here in Ryneveld Street! Jacques loves cooking; thus, he plans the menu and knows what the customers will enjoy.

Some people look for a beautiful place; others make it unique.

Many people leave the country to see and find beautiful places. But right here in the heart of Stellenbosch, you can look out the window and see and discover gorgeous spots.

Today was about discovering this unique location of Beyerskloof Wine Bar and the quality wine they serve here from the farm that is indeed the quintessential king of Pinotage!