At Swirl’n, Ice Cream is always a good idea!

When you stand on the corner of Andringa Street and Church Street in Stellenbosch, you will know that frozen yogurt, soft serve ice cream and sorbet are just a few meters away!

Carlos Quintal, the owner, left the warm waters of the Indian Ocean and the majestic Drakensberg mountains of Natal, to settle here in the heart of Stellenbosch. Together with his charming and beautiful Lube, they started this quaint business.

People of Stellenbosch will remember that before lockdown, Swirl’n put dozens of coloured spoons on the wall outside and in a pot in front of the shop.

Lube had to change all that. The result: a flower bowl full of red flowers!

“Life is like an ice cream; enjoy it before it melts.”

About Lucas

So before the ice cream could melt, Carlos encouraged his son, Lucas, to join the business. What better way to learn about business skills and marketing than from your dad?

He is an entrepreneur like his father. He is also the owner of a unique gym wear clothing range called U Mad Brah Apparel. He loves training and fitness.

His dad empowered him to do all the branding and colouring of the business. He is the handyman as well! It is only through trial and error that a person can learn, right?

He chose yellow as the colour because it is the colour of happiness and optimism, enlightenment and creativity, sunshine and warmth. He wanted all of that to be true in this business. He watches how people enjoy picking a flavour, the sprinkles. He sees how children enjoy choosing for themselves and the unique interaction then between children and parents.

Lucas particularly enjoyed choosing the name Swirl’n.

If you swirl something, it moves round and round quickly, precisely in the shape of soft-serve ice cream.

“If life is a bowl of ice cream, small moments we enjoyed are colourful sprinkles all over it.”

At Swirl’n, every customer must be a happy customer. The tourists are full of compliments about the freshness and no-fake-toppings to choose .

Part of the lovely atmosphere is to sit outside under the umbrellas. There are also chairs inside and a big screen TV.

” The best time for ice cream is always”

At Swirl’n you pay a set price for half a bowl with the toppings included. The choice of toppings is an experience on its own. Indeed a colourful display of smarties, fudge, jelly babies, Oreos, chocolate chips etc. It is challenging to fill your bowl halfway, so in the end, you weigh it to determine the price! Every time you buy here, you will get a stamp on your loyalty card as well!

Are you on the lookout for a healthier choice?

One of these days, vegan ice cream with coconut milk will be available. It sounds delicious.

Any time in Stellenbosch is ice cream time! Swirl’n is just around the corner.