At The Bean: A coffee shop in the heart of Dorp Street Stellenbosch

The owner

Henry Britz grew up in Bloemfontein in the Orange Free State. In his day, he ran as a 3000 m cross-country athlete for the Southern Free State. He also played rugby until matric.

He loves to braai, and apart from a good coffee, he enjoys his wine and a cold Castle Light. He is an adventurous person; thus loves mountain biking and climbing Lions Head. He also loves a good round of golf.

While busy with his studies, he became interested in the hospitality industry. For the next twelve years, he became involved in organizing weddings and functions.

He also worked at Stones for five years as a bartender, and after this experience, he said goodbye to his introverted personality forever!

After that, he made a career move and then ended up in the automotive industry, where he worked for six years. He met his business partner Stefan Barnard, and they ventured into the world of coffee.

For the love of coffee

Since he was five years old, he can remember that he was always making the coffee in the house. As he got older, he developed a taste for good quality coffee, a particular flavour.

At the beginning of January 2021, they both decided to explore the beautiful town of Stellenbosch. The oak-lined Dorp Street stole their hearts, and it was not long before they got a premise for their coffee shop.

A name says a thousand words

When they bought the coffee shop, the picking of a name was fundamental. It must be a name telling the customer exactly what he will get there, thus coffee and coffee beans. To choose the @ sigh was a deliberate choice because when you google the name of any business, the @ will immediately pop up.

A coffee shop for the people of Stellenbosch

“It’s amazing how the world begins to change through the eyes of a cup of coffee” Donna A Favors

Everybody loves good quality coffee. It is Arabic, Kenya blue Mountain medium roast coffee beans. This particular choice is because it is a mix between mild and robust, thus smooth.

Henry wants the local businesses in Dorp Street to be involved in his shop. He is planning to make vouchers to give to companies close to the coffee shop. He will then deliver directly to them, even at a scheduled time they prefer.

  • A date at the coffee shop: Everybody loves a special, and this is just what he intended to offer the community of Stellenbosch. People must know that they can look forward to specials during the week. They must have a fixed date at the shop. Customers must also know that the coffee shop also serves good quality food.  Therefore @atthebean pride themselves in baking their own 100% rye bread and homemade pies.
  • Barista Training: Henry wants to launch his own exclusive registered Barista Training Course @atthebean
  • Showtime: Henry is looking forward to the day when he plans to make reality show snippets @atthebean. It will be a program about short video shows showcasing life in midtown Dorp Street. The short videos will be featured on the YouTube channel as a fun way for people to see how life can be in Stellenbosch, enjoying the best coffee while having fun and at the same time excellent marketing for his coffee shop.
  • A place where personalities can be interviewed: For example, when the brand ambassador of 18 Coffee contacted him about a documentary on what international athletes do after the life of rugby, he said yes! In the quaint atmosphere @atthebean, they had an interview and video footage with Philip Snyman. Henry invites the people of Stellenbosch to come and schedule such meetings at his coffee shop.
  • A gathering place: The CRC is already gathering here for their house church hour.
  • A place that is giving back to the community of Stellenbosch: For example, Paul Roos Gimnasium is one of the closest schools to the coffee shop. If they support him regularly, he is willing to allocate a portion of his profits to help a child in the school. If people support you, you give back to the community! It will be most rewarding to know that @atthebean made it possible for a child to buy a pair of rugby boots or even a warm jacket for the winter months.

“Coffee: it’s the lifeblood that fuels the dreams of champions ” Mike Ditka

It is his dream to open five more coffee shops in the next five years in Cape Province. The main office will stay here in Dorp Street. May all your dreams come true, and may your coffee be more potent than any challenges you face today!